Riventa Ltd

Website – http://www.riventa.com/

Incubator – Pool Innovation Centre

With a customer base in the UK and overseas, award-winning water and wastewater pump energy specialists Riventa are based in Truro, having moved out of their incubator at Pool Innovation Centre at the end of 2015.  With a highly specialised staff base the company audit, test and monitor pumping stations – as well as providing consultancy services, electronic system manufacture and software programme design – all centred on pump efficiency and its optimisation to save energy.

Grant funding awarded has enabled the company to relocate the business to significantly larger new hybrid premises in Truro.  This will provide the business with both the office space they need, alongside high quality industrial space within which they are able to construct their own hydraulic test facility, calibration lab and precision instrument assembly facilities – meeting a significant growth opportunity for the business with a key customer and enabling them to offer the services required to place them as a key player within their industry.