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Business Incubation Environment – i6 Charlotte Square

Started in 2010 by its two Founding Directors, the Architect Practice has since won a number of awards and undertaken projects including the refurbishment of the Theatre Royal in Newcastle or the construction of the Sunbeams Music Therapy Centre in Penrith.  The company has been located for 3.5 years at I 6 Charlotte Square, a business incubation centre run by Newcastle City Council, which allowed the company to start and grow successfully.  Mawson Kerr has moved three times within the centre in order to allow some limited expansion before taking the next steps and arranging a lease for moving to the first floor of a Grade II listed building located near the business incubation centre.

The grant will enable Mawson Kerr to refurbish the whole of the office rather than have to do it in a number of phases.  The grant will also allow the company to purchase equipment and to take on new staff.  Doing the work in one phase will be more cost effective and allow the architect practice to concentrate on its core business and provide better business continuity thus growing the business quicker and being able to take on more staff faster.  Ultimately, the new offices will provide a better environment for current and future staff and better visibility and credibility on the market place.