Anti Matter Games

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Business Incubation Environment – Tremough Innovaton Centre

Anti-Matter Games is an independent computer games development studio, formed in 2013 and located at Tremough Innovation Centre (Penryn).  In two years of operations the company has grown from start-up to creating 11 full-time jobs in the Cornish gaming sector and is now the largest game development studio in Cornwall.  Premises include a shop floor of developers with an internal production department.  Aware of the Grow on Growth Fund since early 2015, Anti Matter Games decided to save money towards their exit from the business innovation centre.  Having identified their future premises in September 2015 and successfully applied to the Grow on Growth Fund, Anti Matter Games will now expand its services & scope, work towards the creation of its own game (IP) with the plan to move up in the value chain.

Anti-Matter Games is aiming to a founding presence in the creation of a games hub in Cornwall and therefore finding suitable premises was paramount.  The grant will contribute towards the refit costs of Anti Matter Games’ new premises at Falmouth Art School.  It will also be used to cover equipment and training costs as well as the rent for the first 12 months.  Ultimately, the new premises will allow the company:

  • to take on larger projects and expand its team;
  • to provide training, apprenticeships and internships in Game Development in association with local colleges and universities;
  • to allow space to build a Games Hub: to assist smaller gaming enterprises to thrive and give event space for the local gaming community;
  • to increase the opportunity for Anti-Matter Games to develop its own IP