About the Fund

Led by University of Lincoln, this funding initiative has supported companies located in business incubation environments¹ across 9 LEP areas of the UK to ‘fly the nest’ and relocate to stand alone premises in order to prepare for their next stage of growth & development.   Grants awarded have supported capital investment in property, buildings and refurbishment costs; commercial rents; plant, machinery & equipment; IT and new technology; staff recruitment and training costs.

More details about the process and timescales can be found here by clicking here.

¹ Business incubation environments are designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial firms through an array of business support resources and services, developed or orchestrated by the Incubation Manager, and offered both internally and/or externally through the business incubation environment’s network of contacts. The main goal of any business incubation environment is to generate a steady flow of successful firms that will leave the programme financially viable and freestanding. These can be resident, non-resident or affiliated to the business incubation environment.